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Dog Boarding

When you book with us you can rest assured that your pet has its own secure accommodation.

Small Dog Area

Image by Davide Pietralunga

We cater to both small and large dogs in two separate boarding wings. This ensures that no dog boarding with us feels intimidated by the size or temperament of our other guests. Each kennel room contains a water bowl and a non-allergenic trampoline bed.

Large Dog Area

Image by Andrea Lightfoot

All boarding guests have their own individual space.
The individual runs that your pet stays in, when not outside in the play yard, is clean, secure and a safe relaxing space to eat and lounge in.


All of our exercise yards are secure and supervised by our experienced staff.

Dog Check-In

To ensure a smooth and speedy check in the following requirements are compulsory and some may be satisfied prior to check-in dates. A current C5 vaccination certificate from their Veterinarian as proof of Vaccination must be produced.


All pets must have had recent flea and worm treatment not more than 1 month prior to check-in as per the Victorian Code of Practice for Boarding Kennels and Catteries. Any dogs coming into the kennel that are found to have fleas or worms will receive immediate treatment at the cost of the owner.

ALL medication must be properly identified and labeled for the intended pet.
Premium food is provided, however: Own food is allowed but must be labelled and packed individually into daily portions or if dry food a suitable cup or scoop and specific instructions must be provided. We have a policy of no bones of any kind.


Pet Belongings: A favorite item is allowed however be sure it is ok if it does not get returned and definitely nothing with bean bag material or stuffing.

We Offer

Our guests enjoy a country garden outlook and dedicated caring staff with lots of clean country air.

The newly refurbished sleeping quarters are constructed from material which ensures your pets are cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Suites are spacious and have a doggie door giving the dogs access to an individual undercover exercise area during the day where they can walk between the sleeping area and play area of the pen. At night the quarters are enclosed but there is still immediate access to large areas where your pet can relax and enjoy the view of
trees, garden, birds and their new canine friends.

All Suites have a cooling misting system for the summer time.

Hygienic raised trampoline beds with freshly laundered blankets. For the little guys we offer a cozy tub bed, and again with freshly laundered blankets.

Exercise yards, both large and small depending on the size of the dog.

Two meals a day is standard and we only provide premium quality food.

Two exercise periods are standard.

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