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Frequently Asked Questions

Every day we meet pets and their owners all with different levels of experience with boarding kennels and catteries. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have as an owner or for your pets prior to booking, checking in or during their stay. No two pets are the same that’s why we ensure the needs of each individual holidaying with us is looked after. Whether that’s special meals, medication, grooming or simply a little extra tender loving care.

  • Can I go to the kennel that my pet is staying in and settle them in?
    Owners are not able to accompany their pet to their accommodation. Dogs are incredibly perceptive and will pick up on your stress and most likely start to feel anxious too. Just like dropping your child off to school - keep your goodbye’s brief and happy. This makes the transition much smoother. We also prefer to minimise disruptions to other pets staying with us. Inspections are always welcomed prior to your pet’s arrival date if you would like to see where your pet will be staying.
  • Do I need to bring my dog’s bedding and toys?
    We provide hygienic hammock beds and freshly laundered soft bedding on arrival. If you provide a blanket or soft toy please ensure all items are washable in case of any accidents. Make sure you have marked all the items with your pet’s name. We'll make every effort to take care of the items but we cannot be responsible if your pet’s items are lost or damaged. Under no circumstances will we allow bean bag dog beds.
  • What time should I check my pet in?
    If possible, earlier in the day is best as this allows staff more time to spend with your pet settling them in. All pets must arrive at least thirty minutes prior to closing time.
  • Which type of vaccination should my cat have?
    All cats boarding must have an F3 vaccination that is current throughout the duration of their stay. Your cat should receive this vaccination a minimum of 7-10 days prior to boarding.
  • Which type of vaccination should my dog have?
    All dogs boarding must have a C5 vaccination that is current throughout the duration of their stay. Your dog should receive this vaccination a minimum of 7-10 days prior to boarding.
  • Can my pet be given their medication?
    If medication is to be administered, please send along your pet’s medication in its original veterinary packaging and ensure there is enough to last for their whole stay, if required. Please note, there may be a charge for administering medication. We are able to look after diabetic or insulin-dependent pets but this MUST be discussed and approved before the booking is confirmed.
  • Do I need to bring my pets food along?
    As we have a large variety of options to feed your pet, there is no need to send food along. If however, your pet has a sensitive stomach or is a fussy eater, you are welcome to bring their own food. We have a large freezer, therefore if you need some food to be frozen then defrosted, we can easily accommodate. All food must be in portions and clearly marked.
  • What happens if my pet becomes unwell during their stay?
    We will endeavour to contact you, your emergency contact or your vet and act accordingly in your pet’s best interest. All pets are health checked daily and we have an on-call vet as well as an emergency 24-hour vet clinic close by, should the need arise.
  • Canine Cough (Kennel Cough)
    Even though your dog is vaccinated against Canine Cough (Kennel Cough) this does not give total immunity. Just as the human flu vaccine only reduces the severity of the symptoms so too with Canine Cough vaccine. Many people believe Canine cough can only be found in kennels but be aware that this is an air borne virus that can travel for up to 5 kilometres so even at home or at the park your dog can still be at risk. Unfortunately, just like any other kennel, we can offer no guarantee that your dog will not contract this or any other disease, despite our liberal use of veterinary grade disinfectants and other safe cleaning products within the property. We keep a very close eye on all dogs in our care. Of course, we will seek vet treatment if deemed necessary by you or us. To further complicate the issue, we do know that dogs that don't show symptoms of kennel cough can also carry the infection and spread it to others.
  • Do the dogs socialise together?
    No. While your dog stays with us, they will only be socialized with us. Most dogs may do well with other dogs, but they may behave differently in a kennel environment. We want to keep everyone safe while they stay with us! (If you see pictures of our facility that have multiple dogs playing together, it is because they came in as a family and play together as a family).
  • My dog is tired after being in Boarding. Is this normal?
    Many dogs need a few days to rest up after their holiday. The high level of physical activity and the stimulation of spending 24 hours a day with his/her friends can be exhausting. After a couple of days, they should have rested up from their holiday in the country, and be back to their normal self.
  • Do I pay for the day I drop off and pick up?
    Boarding fees begin the day you check in your pet(s), whatever the time. We do charge on the day of collection however if you do pick up your pet(s) before 10am we will not charge you for that day (Sundays excluded as we’re only open in the afternoon).
  • Can My Pets Stay Together?
    Yes. We prefer family members stay together, however in the event of a “disagreement”, we will separate pets for their safety. We are happy to feed pets separately if required.
  • What do I need to bring?
    On Arrival, Be Sure To Bring… Current vaccination certificate (without it your pet will not be admitted into the kennel/cattery). Any prescription medication your pet may be taking. Please ensure all medication is labelled with instructions and correct dosage. We always recommend packing extra medication in case your return is delayed. Collar and leash. All dogs MUST be on a leash when arriving to the kennel. All cats MUST be in a secure crate/carrier. Does your dog have special dietary requirements? Be sure to bring food labelled with the correct dosage. If your dog has any unusual habits? Some pet owners like to bring something familiar from home, a favourite blanket or toy to help make them more comfortable. Please keep in mind we are not responsible for any items that are lost or damaged while your dog is staying with us.
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